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Virtual Casting

We at Stacy Gallo Casting know that the world is changing, and we’re rolling with the punches. Since April 2020, we have been delivering virtual castings to our clients. 

We have had much success with this new virtual process and have worked on numerous spots  such as ads for Domino's, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Crest, Frontier Communications, and Met Life. 


For our initial casting sessions we offer many different approaches so we can receive the best takes from our talent. 


After all of our sessions, videos are uploaded to a link and shared.

SELF TAPES. This approach works best with a seasoned actor. We send talent a script and self-tape instructions. These instructions give details on not only how the talent needs to send their tape but also exactly what they need to film. 


VIRTUAL CASTING SESSION. This approach can be very useful in casting “real people”. We find that many times a self tape doesn’t work with the general public as they are not as comfortable in front of a camera. Providing an initial virtual session allows them to relax, become more comfortable and give a better delivery.


If we are working on a project that requires a lot of interaction between actors, we can also use this format instead of self tapes. 


CALLBACKS.  At this time all of our callbacks are conducted virtually using Zoom. Most actors are quite experienced using the Zoom app and with its varying component such as waiting rooms, breakout rooms and the ability to record, we can create a smooth callback process. 


Using this application, clients, creatives and production can all join the meeting and be able to meet and interact with their potential talent in real time. Just as you would in a studio! 

We also provide casting for voice over. In this new remote world, voice overs are easier than ever for talent to produce, as many actors have built voice over studios in their own homes…or in most cases, closets. 

VOICE OVER. We work with top notch voice over agents. These agents upon receiving a breakdown and script will send us the best of their talent. These artists are able to get us high quality recordings in a quick manner with the use of their home studios. If booked, most also have “Source Connect”, which enables talent to connect digitally with recording studios from their own homes. This keeps everyone safe and socially distant. 

We acknowledge that the need for these virtual castings are due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Before we commit to casting for a production we ensure they have COVID-19 regulations to keep our actors safe and protected while on set. 

If you have any virtual casting needs, please contact us!

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