Stacy Gallo

STACY GALLO has been a casting director in New York City for the past 18 years. She began her career at MTV as a casting assistant and was then promoted to casting director on a live show. In 2001, she was chosen to create an in-house casting company for Hungry Man, called Downstairs Casting and headed that department for 7 years. In 2008, she ventured out on her own and formed  Stacy Gallo Casting.

She has been successful in casting a variety of projects, including many national network commercials for notable directors and clients. Some of her most memorable and award-winning spots include: New York Lottery "Little Bit of Luck," Tribeca Film Festival,, Virgin Atlantic, Visa, Febreeze, Applegate Farms,, *Superbowl Campaign, and ESPN.

Stacy has a reputation of being a very actor-friendly casting director. She has the ability to enable actors to feel comfortable in an audition.  She is adept at drawing out their comedic side by showing them how to enhance their performance for the commercial. She also brings this actor-friendly demeanor to her                as well.



GARY ARMSTRONG knew that he wanted a career in casting, but had no idea how to get started in such an endeavor. In 2001, Gary accepted an entry level staff position at Hungry Man, a TV commercial production company. He had the hope that getting any kind of experience in the TV/Film business would be good to have under his belt. In taking this on, he hoped a path would reveal itself so that he could pursue his dream job in casting.  It was kismet that upon accepting the job he was positioned at the reception desk on the floor where Stacy was heading up Hungry Man’s in-house casting department. He immediately began working with Stacy and running auditions, this was back in the “dark ages” of polaroids and recording sessions onto ½ inch and ¾ inch tape. He worked closely with Stacy as the years went on, until the end of 2006 when life happened and he had the opportunity to move to L.A.

In Los Angeles he continued his dream by freelancing with several commercial casting directors over the next 9 years, but predominantly with Craig Colvin Casting and Popcasting. He absolutely loved his time in Hollywood but could never quite get New York City out of his head. Fate cooperated when at the end of 2015 his husband was given the opportunity to relocate back to New York City and they headed home to the east coast.  Fortunately for Gary his path led him back to his casting hero Stacy Gallo, who had started her very own independent casting company.

Casting is the perfect job for Gary, because he is obsessed with talent and is passionate about helping actors find every avenue in which to express their artistry. He feels lucky that in running sessions he gets to help actors shine, he is known for going the extra mile in getting the best performance out of every actor. Why? Because of his philosophy ‘When they look good, we all look good”.

Stacy has an amazing eye for talent, both established and emerging, and creates an environment where actors can play and do their best work while her clients get exactly what they need. I've sat on both sides of the table with Stacy and she makes an incredibly difficult job look effortless. She's warm, authentic, and hilarious as a CD, teacher, and human being. She wants you to win the minute you walk in the room, and it makes you want to win for her."