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This class will find tune your on-camera-commercial audition skills in a fun and relaxed environment. Many students from this class have been called in and BOOKED National network spots as well as been signed with TOP NY Agencies!

The 3- week class is recommended for actors who feel comfortable reading commercial copy, are freelancing, getting sent out, or should be sent out for commercials. Most commercials these days require that an actor can improv within that commercial, and we will work on taking a script and learning how to make it your own.

Week One: You will learn how to quickly interpret commercial scripts and bring out the best delivery you can. You will also be taught skills on how to feel and look comfortable in front of the camera and how to use improvisation to help enhance your performance. *Cold commercial copy will be provided in first class*

Week Two: You will have a script from the previous class to prepare for the following week's Showcase

Week 3: Present your work, with Stacy in the room, to two popular Commercial Agents who regularly call in One on One actors

Upright Citizens Brigade

Improvisational and Sketch Comedy Training Center 

On Camera-Commercial

This class is a three-week course and is a combination of an audition workshop and an overview of the business of commercial acting. Stacy is joined by talent agent Phil Cassese, the two have worked with many UCBT alumni for years. You’ll learn how to quickly interpret commercial copy and how to use improv to enhance your performance. You will have a chance to perform prepared commercial copy, using scripts from the previous classes.

Stacy and Phil, February 2019


"Stacy is such an amazing teacher. Stacy makes you feel comfortable to bring all of yourself to a commercial audition. The class was very informative, encouraging and fun! I highly recommend taking Stacy's class. You learn so much about yourself in a fun, bright and supportive environment!"-Dina Lewis

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